Final Major Project #7

We had our formative assessments. It was beyond helpful, not only because of our tutors' perspectives but because of the other students' perspectives. They had so many ideas for which I was extremely grateful. One straight up told me to write a book. I laughed at that. Nonetheless, I started writing about my research. Not… Continue reading Final Major Project #7

Final Major Project #6

I have no idea what I am doing besides reading articles and thinking about issues and things I want to work on. This is more stressful than I thought it would be. Maybe I should have stuck with my initial idea and developed a business. Too late?Anyways we had the first formative assessments and for… Continue reading Final Major Project #6

Final Major Project #5

Androcentrism & Eurocentrism in Western culture "Many commenters were startled to learn about a long known but rarely taught side of Woodrow Wilson. White people have a lot to be surprised about. The very nature of white supremacy requires sanitized teaching about slavery, the genocide of indigenous people, the reach of U.S. militarism and many… Continue reading Final Major Project #5

Final Major Project – Reflective Blog

The Major Project is our last chance to do something new, something big, something meaningful. This is the project where you show what you’ve learnt, that you can be polyvalent, professional and creative. The project you look forward to for close to three years. No pressure. I started this project rather confidently. We’ve been well… Continue reading Final Major Project – Reflective Blog

Final Major Project #2

I don't want to do a women's library, plus I got reminded that I needed to start with a question, not something thought out I'd inevitably get stuck with further down the line.I'm still interested in history and who gets to tell it: white men. Conference organizer and senior Fellow at the Hoover Institution Niall… Continue reading Final Major Project #2

Adaptive Ateliers – Enterprise Plan

NOTE: The wrong business model made it into the enterprise plan I submitted. They look the same, and in my panic, I posted the wrong one and completely forgot to check. The business model I am posting now was updated when it comes to channels, and no longer figures print as a way to gain… Continue reading Adaptive Ateliers – Enterprise Plan

Statice – Privacy Brief

Note: Here is the final product - Statice, the medical passport. statice-1Download This year is a bit different than previous years in the way that we ware tasked with doing two briefs for one module. The Activism brief is supposed to be well underway by now. This time, we are working on privacy. We have… Continue reading Statice – Privacy Brief