Visual Narratives & Design Thinking: 24 09 2018

“Stories are the most important thing in the world.

Without stories, we wouldn’t be human beings at all.”

This first session, while boring and long for others, was greatly reassuring in my case. Throughout all the talking and introductions, it fulfilled its role as a first introductory session and provided us with an overview of the module as well as everything we would be studying, doing and how everything would go down. But more than just an idea of the module, it also gave us a glimpse of the whole teaching approach and while I might be getting ahead of myself, I get the feeling that it is drastically different than what I previously experienced: less like thrusting you into something vague and forgetting you there but more like guiding you into giving the best of yourself as an individual but also as a group.

What makes a good story?

Visual narrative or storytelling is an emotive and engaging way

to convey information, ideas and culture.

We find narratives throughout the history of art,

depicting myths, legends, religion, history and literature.

Design thinking: creative problem-solving.

Derek Jarman‘s sketchbooks

“As a primary visual language, essential for communication and expression, drawing is as important as the development of written and verbal skills. The need to understand the world through visual means would seem more acute than ever; images transcend the barriers of language, and enhance communications in an increasingly globalised world.”

Taylor, A. (2014) Why drawing needs to be a curriculum essential

The Shop on Greame Street, 1972, Daniel Meadows

Image result for daniel meadows

For the next session: Story bag

5 objects → What story do they tell?

ALTER EGO, take yourself out of the equation

It could be anything: a strippers bag, a new moms bag, lawyer, doctor, barbecue-loving dad, elementary pigtail-wearing girl, senile grandfather etc …

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