Create your Future: 27 09 2018

Create your Future is a UCAS event running over two days in London (15-16 October) and Manchester (27-28 November).

We were asked to create two stands for the event in London (6x6m and 6x3m – one for Arts and the other for Performing Arts) that would then be put into one in Manchester (7x3m). The objective is to promote our courses to visitors that attend these events, to generate enthusiasm, to increase applications and to showcase the new KSA facilities.

It has to be informative, visual and colourful.

→ It needs to be re-usable at different events.

→ It needs to be easy to install.

→ It should stand out and be easily visible.

→ Store and distribute marketing merchandise (prospectuses, course leaflets, pens, bags etc…)

The primary audience is prospective students, the secondary audience consists of parents, teachers, career advisors.

My group consisted of a group of four, myself included. Three in first year and one from second year, which was a rather smart and interesting thing to do as we were able to benefit from someone who perhaps had more insight on how the whole project was supposed to go down, a more distinct idea of what was expected of us and very possibly less reluctance at giving something perfect down to each and every detail. We were therefore capable of working faster, pushing aside all technical problems and pitching ideas faster.

27-09-2018 (2)

It was an interesting and fast-paced day. We had little time to put something together but I believe we managed fairly well, it undoubtedly wasn’t as original or innovating as we would’ve liked but we covered all the tasks, gave shape to the project while being aware of the constraints.

27-09-2018 (1)

It started off as random lists and doodles, then more elaborate sketches and finally, in order to present it, into a digital presentation. What I remember most was that it didn’t have to be finished, it didn’t have to be perfect. If finished meant several pictures copy-pasted on a vague rendition of a floor on photoshop than so be it, I think it made me realize that we weren’t expected to hand in something up to professional standards – not yet at least- as long as the idea and message got across.

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