Create your Future: 04 10 2018 / 10 10 2018

Following the pitch and first “Create your future” approach for the stand last week, some of us signed up to take care of either the stands, the shirts, the videos etc …

I signed up for the videos with a few other students, it was decided that I would be working on the students work along with another girl, Iris Rein.

The first thing that we had to do was get a hold of the two USB keys turning around the studio to download the logos, pictures, videos and the brand guidelines. As we browsed through what we had been given to work with, we realised that we didn’t have enough material to make a video and sell evenly each course.

We started looking left and right on various websites belonging to the university to find more content. Once that was done, we started cutting the videos in shorter clips that would display the best aspects of the courses while making sure that a similar amount of time would be given to each and every course.


The main questions that we asked ourselves were: How could we make it appealing? Would we be interested in joining after seeing the video? Does it stand out?




The result was a series of smooth short videos emphasizing students work. We still have to put them together, with transitions, texts, and logos. Despite working on different aspects of the courses and facilities in small separate groups, we realised that communication was important, especially in a situation where we were all working and stressing separately on our own projects. A lot of coordination when it comes to typos, colours and logos is required, which is quite hard to achieve when everyone is running around.

It was an intense day and I was rather glad when it came to an end, it was interesting and challenging as we tried being as objective as possible in order to showcase students works as best as possible without getting our own personal judgment in the way. But despite that, what we thought was interesting and had potential might not be what would have caught another’s attention and we have to work with that and try to make appealing for everyone nonetheless.


10 10 2018 Update:

My partner wasn’t there to continue and finish the project, she also happened to be the one with the original video. When I finally managed to get my hands on it, I found the result terrible and decided to do it all over again. It was a long process but given the short amount of time that was left, I’m rather happy with the end result.

Unfortunately, I can’t upload the video on my blog.

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