Into the Spider-Verse


Assignment: take three different versions of spiderman and make an augmented reality experience to use on a phone such as filters, games etc …

  • Gwen Stacy a.k.a Spider-Gwen
  • Peter Porker a.k.a Spider-Ham
  • Peni Parker

Before attempting anything, I observed and analysed the characters personalities, background stories, worlds and aesthetics to get a feel of them.

For Spider-Gwen, I was struck by the colours of Earth-65 and decided to have it incorporate itself in our reality. I took the cosmic matter (seen after she gets sucked through a portal) as a starting point and tried several things with it creeping along flat surfaces and curling around objects. I didn’t achieve the results I wanted. As an alternative, I focused on the portal between realities and made it so that it opens and allows us to see into a living and bustling Earth-65, with occasional sightings of Spider-Gwen swinging by.


Screenshots used as material and inspiration:

Experiments and attempts:

Spider-Ham automatically reminded me of the song Spider-Pig from the Simspons, so I used those two versions, incorporated a bit of “Where’s Wally?”, and worked from there. When one angles their phone towards the ceiling, a herd of spider-pigs can be seen hanging upside-down and crawling around. Spider-Ham stealthily creeps among them, looking very confused or totally at ease, and your job is to spot him.

Find Spider-Ham

For Peni Parker, I based myself on Instagram filters. When using the front camera, your reflection on the inside of the SP//dr suit appears on your screen. As for the rear camera, you still find yourself inside the SP//dr suit, this time looking at your surroundings. I found little information on the workings of the SP//dr suit, but possible functions of the SP//dr suit could light up on the screen to give you the impression of being in control of the suit, as well as malfunctions.

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