Signum – what is a thing and what is an object?

What is a thing? What is an object? Can an object also be a thing and vice-versa? In groups, we tried to find a physical object within our vicinity which would best illustrate our answer to those questions. With my team, we settled on the internet access point installed on the ceiling of our classroom. At first, we hadn’t identified it as such and spent a good ten minutes trying to figure out its function and, in the process, labelled it as a thing quite a few times. In the end, we decided that a thing could be a vague, encompassing way of referring to an unknown object.
As an exercise, the person selling it would be attending an industry fair to promote it. So with our access point in mind, we created an Instagram profile to spread awareness and, consequently, encourage potential customers to attend the fair. The name ‘Signum’ comes from Latin which translates to Signal. The idea behind the brand is to provide reliable and lasting wifi to people, establishments and areas who need it, such as students, academic establishments and the countryside. Signums’ desire is for people to educate themselves and pursue their aspirations without restrictions and having to worry about access. From that stemmed the slogan “Connect your Intellect”.
The two heads on the logo are a visualisation of the importance accorded to education and a clear depiction of their goal. The colours black and white were chosen for their neutrality and professionalism, while orange is youthful and stimulating, combining both the positivity of yellow and the energy of red.Screenshot

A post with an in-depth description of the product was uploaded on social media, followed by two stories, one concerning the brands’ mission, the other exposing the location and dates of the fair.

Screenshot 2

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