Audience Segment – Signum persona

Following the creation of Signums’ Instagram account, we had to create a persona for our brand.
Personas are portraits representing different target subgroups. They are a common reference point that helps brands tailor their products and services to suit their intended audiences’ needs and wants. These archetypes are created by drawing together characteristics of similar people, such as demographics, media use, routines, behaviours and aspirations.
There should be a balance between the common characteristics that act as the base of your persona and the more personal details that bring it to life.

Luc Bourdieu2

We targeted people and areas with restricted access to the internet and education, whether because of financial reasons or because the area is too removed to get a proper signal. From experience, I know that the countryside often experiences the latter. Additionally, higher education is limited, aside from the available short courses which often don’t give you many opportunities and remain quite far from home.

I created Luc Bourdieu, a young teenage boy who comes from a modest family. He aspires to leave his county and pursue a degree in biology to become a botanist. His family is rather neutral when it comes to education, neither supportive nor unsupportive. As a result, the information he needs isn’t as accessible as it should be, a strained wifi signal due to his location doesn’t help either. Signum would be a way for him to look into cities, degrees, opportunities, schools, housing and everything information and step one needs when pursuing higher education. He would be able to contact the appropriate people and get answers to his questions. He’d know that his options aren’t limited to his immediate surroundings and are, in fact, much more numerous than that.

Luc Bourdieu3

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