Veolia – Ongoing project IV


On my last post, I talked about making a visual representation of ‘The Star of London’, doing this helped me get a better idea of what materials are needed. I moved on to the inventory, listing materials and their potential cost. However, I am no expert, and all numbers are approximations. That part was slightly aggravating as it required a lot of research. The issue is that none of it was concrete as I had no addresses, no contacts, very few information, various price estimations, little to no information on materials and, last but not least, I had no dimensions nor weight in mind. But it at least gave me an idea of what would cost the most: lights, without a doubt.


An issue arose when I was looking at the lifetime of LED lights, namely, how do we get them to last a month 24/7? The prospect of having to change them halfway through seems taxing, mostly because I can’t imagine a way to open the plastic envelope without disturbing any of the flowers and lights. Additionally, someone would have to do it (Who? When? How much would that cost?).


Concerning the legacy, what happens to the installation afterwards? My first thought was to give it to a homeless shelter as a Christmas tree perhaps. Otherwise, it could be recycled, reused for another occasion or sold, the profits going to the charity.
I then proceeded to break down the project into tasks and establish a timeline.


Lastly, I suggested some ideas concerning the promotion and marketing of the event. Veolia has a Twitter account and organises a launch party, both of which should be taken advantage of to introduce hashtags (ex: #thestaroflondon, #fightinghomelessness, #writemealetter). Regular updates should also be posted on their Twitter account to keep people engaged. The goal is to promote the event as much as possible, make sure people hear of it, are interested in attending and sharing it.
I tried to envision potential posters after finding the work of Saul Bass, a graphic designer and filmmaker.

I intended to simplify the design by giving it depth and volume through the use of geometrical shapes and colours. I made several attempts, I mostly played around with shades, as we are on a tight schedule.


This is the final proposal that will be shown to the client, after which they will decide on the project they want.

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