Filmpro – Ongoing Project I

The project started in October. The client, Filmpro, is a non-profit agency founded in 2001 by Caglar Kimyoncu. They focus on artistic access for disadvantaged artists due to sexuality, gender, age, physical and mental ability. They strive to make the art sector more inclusive.
In October, Caglar gave us a call to explain the brief to us. He presented Filmpro, their activity and their goals. They are missing visibility and engagement to propel themselves forward. However, they lack proper visual communication. They need a new marketing strategy and a social media campaign. Events to boost engagement and create a tight-knit community would be a plus.

We got put into pairs. I combined my partner Ellie’s notes and my own and wrote the brief. For some reason, I wrote two briefs, the first one is three pages and the second stands on one page.

They have a message to spread, which is that of inclusivity in the art world, but their lack of visibility and awareness keeps them from achieving that goal. Redefining their brand identity through their website and a social media campaign is crucial. Events and exhibitions would boost awareness and, most of all, engagement and brand loyalty. For some reason, the client talked about an AR application. At this point, this hardly seems necessary.
They target people whose sexuality, gender, nationality or physical and mental state lead them to encounter social limitations. It’s a broad target audience. I need to know their usual clients, who do they work with the most and why. Do they have any other profiles? Why not?
I had several questions concerning the making of a project. How do they take on projects? What happened to their previous events that ended a few years back?
I sent a mail to the client with my brief. I had written questions regarding the brief and was asking for a meeting. I never got an answer despite sending multiple emails. So I moved on to the brand analysis. Their social media presence is deplorable. There is some activity, but it’s sparse and usually quite old.

Filmpro shares its ethos with its competitors. However, their design is bright and youthful. Their ideas are ambitious and lively. The websites usually include an option to adjust the settings to your view. Last but not least, they all have an extensive network complete with partnerships.

It took us a while to start working on this brief as we were working on another full-time project at the time. We also weren’t given much advice and had to learn ourselves. It caused a lot of confusion and indecisiveness, so we didn’t get anything consistent done at all. It negatively impacted communication within the pair and made us unwilling to work with each other. Once we learnt the basic knowledge required to complete this project, it got infinitely better.

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