Filmpro – Ongoing Project II

We went about it backwards. We skipped the research part and went straight to the action plan, of which several versions were issued.

The team action plan contains a lot of tasks and dates that we didn’t respect but served the purpose of reassuring us regarding the doability of it all within the given time and of the cohesion of the team. It was wonderful.

I started writing the marketing plan, which I understood to be a rewritten detailed brief when blindly doing it. The first part is an explanation of what the client wants and why. I added the brand and competition analysis that I had done for the initial brief.


We each did a persona, but as I mentioned in my first blog post, we had no specifics concerning Filmpros’ target audience. They talk about disadvantaged artists while putting an accent on disability which I understand. But they are missing an important segment that could take them far, which is the LGBTQ+ community. I suspect that if one knows how to target the right people within it, they could bring the right amount of attention to their project. There are a variety of channels to promote Filmpro, such as social media, charities, health organisations and educational institutions. Currently, they haven’t reached out to anyone. As an agency offering artistic access and visibility, they must build relationships and partnerships. Unless they get sufficiently popular to work on their own, but even then I doubt it works that way. Regardless, the latter seems highly unlikely.

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