Hubbub – Ongoing Project I

13/01/2020 – Presentation of the foundation

In addition to our ‘main’ brief, we are working on a project of our choice for Hubbub. Lottie, which is part of their design team, and Rhiannon, the project co-ordinator, visited us in our studio to present Hubbub to us.

Hubbub is a charity that aims to find positive and playful solutions to problems harmful to our environment. They explained to us the process they use when leading such campaigns as well as a few examples of past projects.


Bright Friday:

This project includes a pop-up installation showing the amount of clothes thrown away every 3.5 minutes, which is around 300 000 tonnes each year. They produced a satirical fashion magazine called ‘FAUX’ which is based on mainstream fashion magazines and skillfully shows the ridiculousness of it all. They encouraged to swap and repair clothes, among other things.


Love Where You Live:

Fly-tipping is a problem in a lot of neighbourhoods, so they tried to find a solution to restore them and make sure it doesn’t happen again. They cleaned those back alleys filled with abandoned stuff and turned them into cleaner spaces with the help of the inhabitants. They restored a sense of community.


Their process:

  1. Nudge: encourage people or influence people to make a positive decision without noticing they’re doing it.
  2. Prompt
  3. Simplify
  4. Hook: hitch a ride on something that’s already engaging your audience.
  5. Fun theory: a bit of playfulness can go a long way
  6. Stories: if the audience feels part of the story, they’re more likely to engage with it
  7. Social norms: because everyone else is doing it
  8. Disrupt: challenge the status quo



  1. Long-lasting behaviour change takes time. All of our interventions are supported by wider messaging etc.
  2. Not everything is a winning idea. Test your idea and be prepared to fail.
  3. Know your audience.


  • Listen
  • Provide ideas and resources
  • Find out about the community
  • Build trust
  • Be flexible
  • Get your hands dirty


The three briefs:

Water-saving brief

Air quality brief

Fast fashion brief: Engage more people, specifically Gen Z, to be more mindful clothes shoppers.

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