Remarkable Tolworth – Ongoing Project I

06/01/2020 – Presentation of the brief

The module Live Case Study and the brief on which we will be working during this semester were presented to us. We will be working in teams of three alongside the second year geography students. It’s the first time we work with students from a different course, what’s more from another campus. I’m curious and interested in seeing how this will work out. I wonder how closely we’ll be working together, I kind of hope we’ll be seeing more of them if only to confront ourselves to another thinking and working approach to the brief.
We all have to develop two routes, Heritage and Civic & Community, by using the research done by the Geography students. We have to come up with a solution to do one of two things: improve wayfinding within Tolworth or contribute to the creation of a community.
I’m on the Civic & Community route, and we were orientated toward wayfinding. This would link everything together as the town is rather dispersed with little signage. As a group, we believe this isn’t a priority in a town that has a lot to improve first. We want to concentrate on different aspects such as murals (which are another type of signage I guess) to link it all together and make it look less under-developed industrial town and more home of a tight-knit community. Perhaps also expand on the ‘green way’, which is a very grey pathway in the middle of a road not used by anyone unless it’s to be dramatic. There’s a lot to do, and Tolworth has a lot of potential. It’d be nice to focus on showing that potential first before talking about signage. It just doesn’t seem as important.

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