Final Major Project #6

I have no idea what I am doing besides reading articles and thinking about issues and things I want to work on. This is more stressful than I thought it would be. Maybe I should have stuck with my initial idea and developed a business. Too late?
Anyways we had the first formative assessments and for some reason, I ended up thinking about the movie Nappily Ever After in which the protagonist works in a marketing agency and pitched a brief for beer. She proposed the idea of using women at a sports game to promote the beer instead of men, the more traditional and accepted trope.
Maybe I could work on gender-bending ads or making female ads the way they do men? Or take every stereotype, amplify it and then watch people get mad? That would be fun.

I had a look a several anti-feminist books. I was torn between crying, getting angry, or laughing hysterically. I wanted to buy them, but I refuse to give any sort of money to these people so the summaries will have to do.

Inspiration – bring the level of sarcasm to the point where it’s fucking obvious. Play into their game – Women are manipulative whores that have used men for centuries. Basically agree on every “historical” and “scientific” argument to the point where it becomes ridiculous and outlandish.
Example: Women didn’t have the right to vote because they had conditioned men into doing the hard things and basically voicing their (the women) opinions like a personal butler.
Or we conditioned men into needing to fight in wars lest they lose all social status and their testicles.
Or how we waited to join the workforce until the jobs were good and better paid.

It could be interesting, although I don’t necessarily see myself working on this for four months. I might push it further as I go along. I get the feeling that it’s a little vague, that it encompasses too many subjects and aspects to be pertinent.

I was a bit out of ideas, not that I had many to begin with (I’m a bit too focused on the research which does not come as a surprise). There are these gender-bending apps that change one’s face to that of the opposite sex and since I’m on a political rampage/aspect, I gender-bended the faces of the French presidents. I’m really annoyed at the fact that all of our presidents (not just ours) are white men. I recently read an article saying that all Western “advanced” countries saying that they’re more evolved than “third-world” countries on every aspect are being deliberately blind. There’s been more female presidents and ministers in “third-world” countries than in “developed” countries. It ties into the androcentric view that I’m exploring. A lot of people moan about the idea of women being presidents and one of the reoccurring arguments (one I have been subjected to) is that why would we want women to be presidents? These are fair elections based on merit and equality is progressing so really why the fuck would we be bitter and victimise ourselves about not having women presidents? I wonder.

This led me to take quotes from the books I mentioned previously and making collages and images out of them. Most of these arguments contradict each other, which really leads to question what their thoughts processes to undermine women really come from and lead to. If you’re going to undermine women then at least be coherent about it.

Links and references:

Photos show sexist ads from the 50s with the gender roles reversed

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